Cydia Eraser And iOS 10 / 10.2 Jailbreak Update

You might be enjoying all the perks of a jailbroken iPhone but if you eventually run into a problem that requires you to unjailbreak your iPhone before fixing that problem what would you do? Well, no need to worry if you have Cydia Eraser.  This is a tweak that lets you unjailbreak your iPhone restoring the firmware to its pre-jailbreak state, removing all the traces of jailbreak from your IOS device.  The firmware will be as unaltered as it was when you updated it to your iOS device.

How to use Cydia Eraser to unjailbreak your iOS device

Whenever you want to use Cydia Eraser to unjailbreak your iOS device, always remember to take a backup of your iPhone.  If there is some data on your iPhone or iOS device and something goes wrong while you jailbreak or unjailbreak your device, you will lose that data.

Once you have successfully unjailbroken your iOS device with Cydia Eraser and take your iPhone or iPad to Apple’s certified service center, they won’t be able to recognize if the set was ever jailbroken.

Method to use Cydia Eraser to unjailbreak your iOS device

  • Connect your iOS device and Mac with lightening cable.
  • Enter the Passcode on your iOS device to unlock it, if it has any.
  • Click the devices icon in your iTunes and click on your chosen iOS device.
  • Select your computer under backups.
  • Click on backup now and chose backup apps from Alert Window.
  • Click restore iPhone and chose to restore in the Alert Window.
  • The Apple iTunes will now restore your iPhone firmware to its original form.  You will lose all the data stored in your device as well as any personalized settings and preferences.  The whole process might take a while.  It is a step-by-step process to follow the on-screen instructions on restoring your iPhone.

If you didn’t know about the consequences of a jailbreak process gone wrong or you have a jailbroken iOS device that you want to unjailbreak, Cydia Eraser is the easiest way out.  It restores your iPhone to factory settings and thus helps you out of any troubles caused by jailbreaking your device.

Sometimes jailbreak process goes wrong or at some point it starts to interfere with some other program you installed in your iOS device.  If you experience performance issues in your iOS device after jailbreak, Cydia Eraser again comes to your rescue.

Cydia Eraser compatibility with iOS 10-10.2

Cydia Eraser is not working properly for iOS 10-10.2 as it has been working for earlier version of iOS. The founder of Cydia, Saurik, has been silent on the matter, only hinting once that a working solution has not been found yet to resolve this problem. This means that those of you who are contemplating using Yalu jailbreak by Luca Todesco for iOS 10-10.2 should know that there is no Cydia Eraser to bail you out.

 Thus, if you have iOS 10 or above and are thinking about jailbreaking it, you shouldn’t count of Cydia Eraser as there is none for iOS 10-10.2.  If your iOS device with iOS 10 and above is already jailbroken, avoid using Cydia Eraser. It might put your iPhone in an infinite boot loop mode.

 This is very frustrating and troublesome and all you can do at that point is to lose the jailbreak ability of your iPhone as the only way to save your iOS device will be to upgrade it to the latest iOS 10.2.1 which has no jailbreak available at the moment. Therefore, for now it is advisable to stay away from Cydia Eraser if you have a jailbroken device with iOS 10 and above.

This post was last modified on June 2, 2017, 8:25 pm

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